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These instructions are for downloading the latest source from the CVS repository. This is bleeding edge stuff, and you probably want to just pick up a packaged release.

Requirements To Follow These Instructions
  • BeOS 5.0 or newer running on Intel hardware
  • An internet connection
  • About 5mb of disk space

Getting The Files Onto Your Computer
  1. If you don't already have it, download and install cvs for BeOS. If you already have it, check to see you have the latest version (dated Jan 6, 2001 as of this writing). You'll want to copy the binaries (what's in the bin folder of the zip) to /boot/home/config/bin/.
  2. Open up a Terminal, create and navigate to a folder you wan't to keep Vision related stuff in.
      mkdir ~/vision-cvs
      cd ~/vision-cvs
  3. Login to the sourceforge cvs server as an anonymous user:
      cvs login

    At the password prompt, simply press enter. You will be dropped back to a bash prompt, this is normal.
  4. Checkout the Vision tree:
      cvs -z3 co Vision

    This will pull the latest Vision source tree from the CVS repository. The "-z3" option sets the compression level to 3--this is a good thing. The "-d" line is the same as above, this just tells cvs where to fetch the data. "co" is simply an alias to "checkout", which checks out the Vision tree to your hard disk.

Getting Something Usefull Out Of The Files
  1. If you are running the Personal Edition of BeOS 5.0, you will need to download the DevTools if you haven't already. Get (17.1 MB) from
  2. The checkout above made a new folder in the current folder, called Vision. We want to navigate to it.
      cd Vision
  3. No configuration is necessary, all you have to do is run the compiler script:

    Upon completion, you will have a new file called "Vision" in the current folder. This is the executable that you want to run. Feel free to make a symlink to this file on your Desktop.

Keeping Up To Date
  1. Navigate to the folder and cvs up (update):
      cd ~/vision-cvs/Vision
      cvs up



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